Saturday, 17 January 2015

Self-Indulgence | Style – Working out Mine! (Part 1)

As mentioned last post, I’ve been following Imogen Lamport’s 31 day challenge for the past wee while.  As can be imagined, there are 31 separate challenges to complete, during which one is encouraged to do a fair about of introspection to see how each outfit feels etc in order to get to decision on one’s preferred style.  It’s fun and quite interesting.

In lieu of having anywhere better to document the results, I am going to do so here.  
Please do feel free to scroll to the next blog post – I am confident this will be far less interesting to anyone other than me!
Playing with accessories and styles

Playing with lippy - too dark!

Playing with colours, textures and fun - in an entirely self made outfit to boot!

Playing with textures and patterns - again in an entirely self-made outfit.
That really brings me joy!

I am half way through the challenges and my conclusions so far are thus:
Feelings repeated on successful outfits:
Fun          Glamorous    Quirky    Feminine         Classic     Elegant    Great fit            Well made

Feelings repeated on less/unsuccessful outfits:
Safe         Boring     Commonplace         Young     Dull Comfortable    Fussy

Wardrobe gaps identified:
1.       A casual jersey (or two) preferably one light (off-white?) and one dark (navy?)
2.     Medium to Light toned skirt – light grey?
3.      Denim skirt with an interesting cut
4.     Warm winter coat in a striking style or colour

Things to donate/refashion:
Only one; a cream jersey with cowl neck and short sleeves – which could be refashioned to answer 1 above.
Curious to see what the next challenges bring!


  1. I see what you mean about's a lovely look on you, the lace, the crochet. Nice!!

    1. Thanks Winnie! It's so funny, before the challenge I only ever wore that grey top inside the flat... But now it has been let free! :-D

  2. I also need a warm winter coat. I am also seriously thinking of trying my hand at Sewaholic's Robson trench for a spring coat.

    1. I can imagine you making a spring trench coat in a really amazing print Annie, and totally rocking it! Can't wait :-)

  3. That sounds like an interesting challenge! And I agree,fun and feminine does seem very "you" :)

    1. It's more illuminating than I had predicted - I've been having a ball! I reckon it might appeal to your analytical mind as well Carolyn, although your style is well defined so it might be a redundant exercise! :)

  4. That's sounds a really useful exercise, and a great thing to do at the start of a new year! Good luck translating your findings into sewing plans. Love your entirely self-made outfit, BTW! xx

    1. Ha! I hadn't even noticed that I was doing such a challenge at the start of the year... but you are quite right, it is a logical time for a metamorphosis :) Thank you for the well wishes - it has had an interesting impact on sewing plans. Luckily for me, planning is half the fun!


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